Alan Brazil Web/Android Developer

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

Albert Einstein

Who I am

Hi, my name is Alan Brazil, 29 years old. For the last 7 years, I’ve worked in software development with different kinds of teams and using different technologies like android and web development including communication with webservices on different contexts and business sectors.

What I do

Web sites

Why your business needs a web site?If you have a web site you can show information about your company or your business. You promote your company and have win new customers.

Web applications

Some companies needs to store information on database, generates reports, graphs or shows in maps. With web applications it's possible boost productivity of your business and reduce costs because you automate your process.

Content management system

If you often need to put information on your web site, CMS like Joomla is good option.


Android apps do more than websites. They have resources like deliver push notifications in order to update information about your products, sales and news, send offline information and automatically synchronized to generate sheets, reports, graphs. They can make ordering easier anywhere. You can reach people that are on the streets, everywhere. Number of smartphone users are growing!, so it's good target to reach.